Tourist office of DUBROVNIK

Tourist office of DUBROVNIK
Brsalje 5
Telefon: +385(0)20 323 887 Fax: +385(0)20 323 725

DUBROVNIK, a medieval city in southern Croatia on the Adriatic coast, a treasury rich in cultural and historical monuments dating back a thousand years. In its early history it was an independent Republic, second in fame only to Venice as a centre of cultural and economic power. Today it is the centre of contemporary economic and cultural events. The city of the Summer Festival, an international review of truly great achievements in musical and theatrical events, the city of museums, treasuries and galleries. These assets have contributed in making Dubrovnik a city of choices - a rich selection of experiences and excitements or a complete rest in peaceful surrounding - all in an environment of mild mediterranean climate and colourful scenery.

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